Virtual June in Sydney – The Top Virtual Meetups You Don’t Want to Miss

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Craving like-minded people discussing topics that make you tick? While the in-person events aren’t too far away, you can enjoy virtual online events from the comfort of your own home.

No, it’s not the same as that face-to-face interaction but look at the positives, you don’t have to commute, you can choose your own food and drink and your sofa is probably more comfortable than the seats at offices around the city!

Shout out to all the organisers making these virtual meetups happen, it’s a huge effort and many people reap the benefits, so keep up the good work.

Fishburners – The MVP is Dead….Long live the MVP

Thursday 4th June @ 12pm

How should I get my MVP built? It’s a valid question, however, building and launching an MVP is simply one of the tools at a founder’s disposal to hit the real goal – finding problem/solution fit.

This session draws on Jeeva and Ash’s experience bringing 20+ products to market (from idea to customer live). They’ll share learnings from a few case studies as a way of illustrating how the process feels like when done right – and yes, they’ll also cover ways to go about building your MVP, and how some great startups didn’t “build”.


ThoughtWorks Tech Talk Series – Technology Strategies through a crisis

Thursday 4th June @ 10am

Hear from ThoughtWorks Chief Scientist Martin Fowler, Global Head of Technology Mike Mason and Brisbane Market Technology Principal Sarah Taraporewalla about their timely guidance on what actions technology leaders can take to successfully reprioritise digital initiatives and deliver remotely during these challenging times.

As we start turning our attention to a new normal, our businesses need to adapt yet again to the next phase of the crisis. We now have to face the consequences of the rapid decisions we were forced to make. For many, this crisis has accelerated our technology landscape and our acceptance of remote working patterns. With uncertainty still in our future, how can we be better placed to deal with what still lies ahead?



Thursday 4th June @ 7.30pm 

Hear from Ethan Marcotte on ‘Responsive Design’s First Decade: What Happened, and What’s Next?’.

Responsive design just turned 10 this year, and what a decade it’s been! The basic ingredients of a responsive design – fluid grids, flexible media, and media queries – haven’t changed, but it feels like everything else has. From new layout tools to new design processes, let’s take a look at how responsive design got its start, what’s changed, and where it might go next.

Ethan Marcotte is a web designer, speaker, and author. He’s perhaps best known for coining the term “responsive web design”, defining a new way of designing for the ever-changing web. In fact, Ethan has written two popular books on the topic, Responsive Web Design and Responsive Design: Patterns and Principles.


Design System Meetup Sydney v13.0.0

Tuesday 9th June @ 6pm

This month’s speakers include:

Mehran Granfar

Building scalable framework-agnostic design systems using custom web components (stencil.js).

Mehran will look at some of the nitty gritty, understand the benefits of this approach, explore common pitfalls, viable governance models, and architectural setups to ensure adoption and scale.

Mike Riethmuller

The “state” of UI

Have the terms state and design systems become confused between designers and developers? In this session Mike helps us figure out how to have a discussion about these similar sounding but very different concepts for the sake of our sanity and better design system components.


Women in Tech: Overcoming Mental Roadblocks During the Job Search

Wednesday 10th June @ 12pm

“I can’t apply for this job – I don’t meet 100% of the selection criteria.”

“There’s no point in messaging this person because they’re probably too busy anyways.”

“People will think I’m up myself if I post about my new job on LinkedIn.”

Sound familiar?

Everyone has experienced thoughts and feelings similar to these during the job search, but when they get in the way of your goals they become mental roadblocks and can prevent you from taking action.

This session will delve into common mental roadblocks (including procrastination, imposter syndrome and fixed mindset), the reasons why they happen, and strategies for overcoming them.


Frontend Tech: Building Your Own DevTools Extension

Thursday 11th June @ 6pm

The line up includes;

Nicholas Jamiesonfreelance front-end developer, in Brisbane. He is an RxJS core team member and the author of several popular, open-source, RxJS-related packages. 

These days Nicholas is working on building a DevTools extension for RxJS. In his talk, he’ll show how Chrome/Firefox/Edge DevTools work, what’s possible with a DevTools extension and how you can build your own.

Oleksandr PoshtarukSenior front-end dev. Last 4+ years he’s been working on commercial projects heavily using Angular and RxJS. He is a writer for ‘Angular-in-Depth’ blog.

Oleksandr says: “Observables unit testing is an important part of development. If code is asynchronous – RxJS uses AsyncScheduler to emit values. To test such Observables we may substitute AsyncScheduler with TestScheduler or VirtualTimeScheduler. So, scheduler argument had to be added to method definition – and break code/test segregation! But there is a better solution – AsyncScheduler.delegate prop. And in my talk I will tell you how to use it (and how RxJS uses it too).”


Product Women – Networking and discussion chat

Thursday 11th June @ 6pm

Choose from two discussion rooms to hear from product leaders as they facilitate Q&A sessions following their talks on;

1- How I AM(became) a Product Manager and Thrived(Survived!)

Melissa Klemke – Product Director at ELMO HR & Payroll

2- Re-thinking product development in times of crisis

Ankita Mehta – Founder at Yum Tum


Product Talks Sydney – Q&A with Jonathan Courtney

Tuesday 16th June @ 7pm

Jonathan Courtney is a Product Strategist and the Founder & CEO of AJ&Smart. 

Born in Ireland, Jonathan later moved to Berlin with the initial goal of working in music or film, however he quickly realised a talent for product strategy, and soon found himself immersed in the Design world. What started as a successful freelance career soon morphed into what would become AJ&Smart, a small but extremely powerful studio that boasts clients from Fortune 500s to high-profile startups, and a strong and highly engaged online following. 

One of Jonathan’s passions is helping companies/teams get started, by tackling complex product issues at both large and small companies using the Design Sprint process. He released his first book, The Workshopper Playbook, in April 2020, where he documents many of his learnings from this work.

Jonathan runs a leading weekly Product Design podcast alongside the creator of the Design Sprint, Jake Knapp.

During this event there’ll be a Q&A session with Jonathan exploring his deep knowledge of design sprints, workshopping and how that’s a must-have skill.


June DevOps Meetup 

Thursday 18th June @ 6pm

Lightning talk ONLY this month;

How BGP makes the internet work (in 10 minutes) withMani Batra (Section)

If you have a 5-10 minute talk about something Devops – maybe a tool you started using, perhaps a culture transformation problem you’re struggling with, or some metric that surprised you recently – here’s your chance to talk about it. Contact meetup founders Lindsay and Michael through the Meetup page.


Do you run a tech event? If you want to spread the word or find speakers get in touch!