Salary Guide


Property, cost of living and salaries in Sydney are comparable to London. Salaries are commonly expressed as base + superannuation and when combined is referred to as a package. The current rate of superannuation is 9.5% of the base salary and in the same way as NI, is paid directly by your employer into a retirement fund for you.

Salaries in technology roles are constantly moving, mainly based on levels of demand, however it’s worth considering other benefits companies in Sydney offer like flexible hours, paid parental leave, shares or share options, training, career progression, paid community volunteering leave and remote working arrangements.

Below is a guide for a few of the leading disciplines across technology in the Sydney market.

*typical exchange rate – $1 AUD = ~0.55 GBP

All salaries listed are base only. Add 9.5% for package.

To give you an idea of tax visit Pay Calculator


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Software Engineering

Languages, role types and company sector/size all impact salaries

  • Junior Engineer$55 - 85k
  • Midweight Engineer$90 - 120k
  • Senior Engineer$120 - 150k
  • Tech / Team lead$130 - 170k
  • Senior DevOps Engineer$120 - 160k
  • Senior Security Engineer$120 - 160k

Product Management

The Product Management discipline and community continues to evolve in Australia

  • Junior Product Manager$55 - 80k
  • Mid Product Manager$90 - 120k
  • Senior Product Manager$120 - 150k
  • Principal / Team Lead$140 - 170k
  • Head of Product / CPO$180 - 300k

Product Design & UX

The maturity of design functions in organisations impacts the role responsibilities and salary

  • Junior Designer$60 - 80k
  • Midweight Designer$80 - 120k
  • Senior Designer$120 - 150k
  • Lead / Principal Designer$140 - 170k
  • Head of Design$180 - 250k


From data driven decisions to machine learning, careers in data are in high demand

  • Data Analyst$90 - 120k
  • BI Developer$90 - 130k
  • BI Architect$140 - 190k
  • Data Scientist$120 - 160k
  • Senior Data Scientist$150 - 200k