Visas are available for skills that are in demand, fortunately for people with your skills there is an increasing need for knowledge and experience across tech’ as Australia’s booming technology hub continues to mature. This is how Australia has earned the nickname “Silicon Beach” in recent years.

Stay with your sponsor company for 3 years and you can apply for permanent residency in Australia.

Many of Australia’s leading and upcoming tech companies are keen to sponsor international talent like you. Once they nominate you, you receive a 2 or 4 year visa to work with them in Australia. Most of the in-demand skill sets across the technology sector allow for a 4 year visa but it’s best to double check. Either way your visa is renewable, however only the 4 year visa gives you the ability to apply for residency.

If you want to move on from your initial sponsor company your visa can simply be transferred to another company who is eligible to sponsor migrant visas.

The information contained on this page in itself does not constitute migration advice. Migration legislation, eligible occupations and requirements are amended regularly by Home Affairs and therefore all details need to be confirmed prior to visa lodgement.


Types of visas


482 - Temporary Skill Shortage

The most common visa a company will sponsor you on. Gives you access to a 2 or 4 year visa if your occupation is on the skills shortage list

  • Requires company to nominate you
  • Your job type must be on the skills shortage list
  • English, health and character requirement
  • 1-3 month processing time

400 - Short Stay Specialist

This visa gives you quick access to Australia allowing you to work for an initial 3 months with the possibility of then going onto a longer term visa

  • Requires company to nominate you
  • 2-4 weeks processing time

417 - Working Holiday

Under 31? Apply for a 12 month working holiday visa and you can book your flights today. Allows you to work for any company for up to 6 months at which point you can be sponsored on a longer term visa

  • Requires you to be under 31 at the point of applying
  • Your must be located offshore when applying
  • Only certain countries are eligible


There are a number of access routes that come with varying criteria. They take from 6-12 months to process and come at a personal cost

  • 189 (Independent skilled visa)
  • 188 (Business Innovation and Investment visa)

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Should you have any specific questions you can reach out to the tech visa specialists

Techvisa is a specialist Immigration consultancy focused on the IT market in Australia. Our experience is tailored specifically to assisting IT professionals with their visa process across all industries. Techvisa works with start ups and established businesses to navigate the always changing legislation to ensure the best possible outcome. We also work with the individual to manage the application process whether Employer Sponsored or Independent Skilled.