Top picks - CEO on the Finder Rocketship, Ethereum researcher for gaming disrupter....

Top picks - CEO on the Finder Rocketship, Ethereum researcher for gaming disrupter....
The market for talent in Sydney is heating up as tech companies scale with capital from local and global investors. The number one cost and asset to any business is their people, so we take a look at some of the most interesting hires going on in the Sydney market right now:

CEO @ Finder

Finder's success in new markets like the UK and US have sparked the need for a CEO to lead its rocketship in Australia! The right person for the job will extend Finder's position as the number one comparison platform in Australia by continuing to deliver strong revenue and profit growth in Australia. They will take leadership of the Australian team across all functions including marketing, publishing, PR, insights & analytics and client services. They will leverage the company’s foundational playbook including technology, IP and platform as well as grow Finder’s brand to take market share from competitors and increase brand salience. Roles like this don't crop up every day!

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Ethereum Researcher @ Immutable

Formerly known as Fuel Games, the company tackling the $100bn gaming industry who recently raised $15m from Naspers Ventures, Galaxy Digital and Apex Capital Partners is scaling its engineering output.

Have experience with Ethereum? You will build the infrastructure and consumer products (think wallets) to enable mainstream gaming audiences to have epic experiences with their blockchain assets. You will create complex on and off-chain blockchain systems, which provide utility to users - think new systems for rewarding players with in-game assets, or building a layer of smart contracts to give users more flexibility in controlling their assets.

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Director of Product @ Propeller Aero

Reporting directly to the CEO, you’ll drive the vision, strategy, and roadmap for Propeller’s suite of products. But who is Propeller Aero?

Propeller sees opportunity in industries most don't - Construction. Waste management. Aggregates. It is an opportunity to change how the world gets built, make extracting resources safer and more efficient, and ensure waste is handled in the most environmentally friendly way.

They give the people building our civilization the power to track, map, and measure everything they do. They close the information gap between a physical worksite and the people who manage it. If you love the idea of working for a company that codes a latte-delivery app or builds an expensive smart water bottle, do not apply for this job.

But if this huge opportunity piques your interest or, better yet, you’re excited about smart software and hardware solutions that solve problems for honest, hard working people —Propeller is the place for you.

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Sydney's tech scene has software impacting many industries so explore THE MAP and find a company with a purpose that aligns to you.