Think Like A Big Corp CTO; November's Top Tech Events Will Teach You How

Think Like A Big Corp CTO; November's Top Tech Events Will Teach You How

Sydney’s Tech Industry has seen tremendous growth over the past few months, and more people are becoming part of this buzzing industry day after day.

With all the growth going on, there’s a lot happening in the tech scene, and it’s important you don’t miss out on anything. That’s why we’ve shortlisted the “Must-attend” tech events that should be on your radar this month.


The Future of Financial Services Conference

9 - 10 November (Virtual)

A two-day conference that connects individuals and organizations with the latest insights and transformational trends in technology and innovation.

This is the largest flagship event of its kind, and has established itself as the most important tech-focused event on the industry’s calendar. 

You can expect to learn directly from the CEOs, CTOs and Founders of top firms like Slack, Walkme, UP, and banks such as ANZ, YesBank, UBS and many more.

From conversational AI to finding the next banking innovation, all things tech will be discussed in this conference, so be sure not to miss it!


Chat with Airtasker CTO Doug Rathbone

4 November (Virtual)

Airtasker is a Sydney-based company that provides an online marketplace for users to outsource everyday tasks. It successfully made its debut on the ASX this year, and currently has a market cap of over $470 million.

In this event Doug Rathbone, CTO of Airtasker, shares his knowledge on managing effective engineering teams.

You will learn how Doug successfully manages his team by building a culture of accountability and expectations around outcomes, instead of giving them routine orders to complete their work.

If you’re curious to learn how Doug and the Airtasker team effectively manage a multi-million dollar empire, this is the right event for you.


The AI Summit Silicon Valley

3 - 4 November (Virtual)

Powered by industry leaders like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and IBM, the AI Summit Silicon Valley is definitely a must-attend virtual event for everyone in the tech world around Sydney. 

This two-day Summit allows you to engage with world leading organizations, hear from the brightest minds, and get exclusive insights into pioneering AI projects from all corners of the industry.

You will get the chance to hear keynotes from CxOs of major companies, and understand different AI strategies that are used to run billion dollar businesses.

Whether you’re already working in the tech space, or just looking to learn more about the industry, these events are sure to deliver top insights, help you expand your network, and keep you informed about the latest and greatest in the tech industry. 


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