The next Big Commerce? 10 Sydney tech companies (<100 employees) to watch

The next Big Commerce? 10 Sydney tech companies (<100 employees) to watch

Size is not always an indication of success or impact as highlighted by Facebooks acquisition of WhatsApp in 2016 for $19B, WhatsApp had just 55 employees at the time. Increasing numbers in staff does typically signal that a company is having some success and in tech that means going from a startup to scale up.

We take a look at some of the up and coming tech companies in Sydney moving past early stage to maturing start up;



Prezzee is a digital Gift Card solution designed to change the art of gifting. Prezzee allows you to buy, send, store and redeem digital Gift Cards instantly. Prezzee was designed to solve the problem of sending Gift Cards in both corporate and consumer markets. In B2B, Prezzee Business enables simple bulk sends, instant delivery with the option to co-brand with your corporate logo. In the consumer market Prezzee allows users to never miss the opportunity to redeem a Gift Card again while allowing users to choose from over 120+ eGift Cards.

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Solar Analytics 


Solar Analytics is an Australian greentech start-up that provides performance monitoring and fault diagnosis for rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) power systems to derive maximum value for customers.


The Smart Monitor product intelligently monitors real-time solar energy system performance - energy consumption, solar production, faults, downtime, energy bought and sold. After installing a small device in their meter box, customers receive any fault alerts and advice immediately by email, can access a dashboard online from any computer, tablet or smartphone to check energy usage and system performance, and receive monthly reports that provide valuable insight.



Brighte is a point of sale credit and payments provider - and Australia's easiest way to pay 'no interest'​ for home energy and home improvements. They help businesses make their customers happy - by providing customers with a fast and affordable way to pay.


Brighte's end-to-end automated digital platform provides real-time credit assessment of a customer application. And they know time is money, so they provide quick settlement as soon as you confirm the job is done.

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Sypht's mission is to unlock value in the world's hidden information, making it immediately available across organisations to power key decisions.


Founded in 2018 in a partnership between BPAY Group and BCG Digital Ventures, Sypht is an enterprise SaaS platform that helps businesses unlock the potential of data hidden in documents. They use the latest in Machine Learning to automatically extract and interpret key information from documents.



ASX Limited and InfoTrack Pty Limited have collaborated to form Sympli. Sympli will offer lawyers, conveyancers and financial institutions a streamlined and comprehensive technology solution that will seamlessly integrate with existing practices and systems. Most importantly clients will soon have a choice in e-Settlement solutions.



Designed for the modern enterprise, the Portt platform takes your sourcing activities and supplier contracts and transforms them into strategic business assets.


Best-of-breed capabilities across the source-to-contract lifecycle and delivered on a foundation of industry best practice, Portt's customer centric platform provides you the building blocks to address the strategic needs of today and build for tomorrow.



HIVERY is pioneering hyper-local retailing by combining artificial intelligence, operations research and human-centred design models to help CPGs & retailers generate a return on physical retail space investment. HIVERY does this through simultaneously optimizing and localizing product, price, space and promotions.


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Qwilr creates the perfect proposal, pitch, sales quote and more with Qwilr. Their document design and automation tool brings outstanding visual polish, together with intelligent tracking, automation, and integrations.

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Slyp instantly delivers an interactive smart receipt inside a customer’s banking app, improving the post-purchase experience for customers, and unlocking new value for retailers and banks.


By linking receipts to cards, Slyp’s solution offers game-changing opportunities for retailers and banks. Retailers gain insights on in-store shoppers and can engage customers post-purchase through each Slyp receipt. Banks capture item-level purchase data, which can be used to enhance their digital proposition and improve operational efficiency. Customers stay organized, save money, and never lose a receipt again!

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Data Republic 


Data Republic are delivering technology at the leading edge of the emerging data sector. They work closely with forward-thinking companies, governments and industry influencers around the world to enable a better future for all, powered by data insights.

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It took Eddie Machaalani and Mitchell Harper 11 years from ideation to IPO and timeframes are getting ever shorter, the race is on!

Check out our map to see who else is making waves.