The hottest tech jobs in Sydney right now

The hottest tech jobs in Sydney right now


Less than 100 days… That’s how much time we’ve got left in 2021.  How are you going to spend it?  Stuck in a rut in the same old job doing the same old thing? Or working on what’s next?

If you do happen to feel like a change and are looking for a good opportunity to grow your career, you’ll find this list of Sydney’s hottest tech jobs handy:


Jobs at Reckon:

Reckon’s a modern tech company that helps people and businesses change the way they operate – for the better.  They’re on a mission to create technology that helps turn ambition into accomplishment. They specialise in software, but we’re also more than just a technology company…  


Check out some of their open roles:

1 - DevOps Engineer

2 - Customer Success Manager

3 - Senior Frontend Dev


Jobs at Phocas:

Phocas helps customers make data driven business decisions, uncover new sales opportunities and improve business efficiency by offering an integrated data solution. They're experts in helping manufacturing, distribution and retail customers turn their company data into results allowing them to drill from high level dashboards right down into the underlying transactions.


Check out some of their open roles:

1 - Software Engineer

2 - Software Developer - Grad programme

3 - Java Developer

Jobs at Employment Hero:

Cloud-based HR platform combines HR software, financial services, scheduling and payroll tools, as well as employee benefits, providing growing companies with an intuitive, affordable way to manage essential employee information and HR processes.


Check out some of their open roles:

1 - Architecture Lead

2 - Senior Product Designer (UX/UI)

3 - SaaS Implementation Project Manager


Whether you are looking to learn new skills, seeking a new environment, wanting to move into a more senior role or simply want to see what's out there, we hope you found this list of the top tech jobs to apply for in Australia handy.