The fun work is just getting started as Phocas growth soars

The fun work is just getting started as Phocas growth soars

Phocas Software is one of Australia’s leading data solutions SaaS companies with a simple mission to help people feel good about their data. Founded in 2001 by entrepreneurs Myles Glashier and Paul Magee, Phocas is a privately owned and self-funded team of passionate professionals. Today they serve over 1,700 companies and roughly 20,000 people, who rely on their software to complement ERP functionality and manage business operations.

Phocas is an innovative player in the emerging xP&A field offering analytics, financial reporting, and budgeting & forecasting solutions to both mid-market and enterprise. They recently secured AU $45 million funding to fuel further investment in product development, new talent, sales, marketing and to accelerate growth plans.   

The Phocas team has grown rapidly to 250 people today and continues to thrive, despite the pandemic - they expect to hit their next milestone of 300 people by early 2022. Headquartered in Sydney, with offices in Australia, New Zealand, US and the UK Phocas is significantly growing its research and development bases in Christchurch, New Zealand and Orange, NSW. 

Emily Alexander, Talent Lead for Australia at Phocas, recently told TechLifeSydney that they are actively recruiting for software development, design, leadership, sales, marketing and operational roles across their offices in the US, UK, NZ and Australia, to support their growth:

“We added almost 100 people in the last twelve months alone, and have lots more global opportunities - to grow we need to hire more talented people”. 

Nicki Graf, Talent Lead for New Zealand also commented:

“This is especially true for our Christchurch office, as we continue to expand our NZ presence, with additional engineering teams being established and intern and graduate programs also launching for the first time late 2021. We have already added 60 people in our Christchurch R&D Centre since we opened in early 2020. It’s thriving and the vibe is great!”

Phocas’ double-digit year-on-year growth has been nothing short of spectacular, and they credit much of their success to their people. “Culture is our superpower, it helps us to consistently achieve great results." says Phocas CEO and co-founder, Glashier. As Phocas brings on top talent to their team, they are committed to maintaining their core values - Fun, Fulfilling, Forever and a positive work culture.


Fantastic opportunities for growth and development

When Phocas says culture is their superpower, they mean it. Just recently, they received a Human Synergistics culture sustainability award for consistently demonstrating a ‘constructive’ culture over a five-year period and three culture measures. They’re open about everything in the business, from financial performance to failures and mistakes, to future plans. This transparency in communication cultivates a positive, collaborative and innovative culture.

Working at Phocas is a lot of fun! Rather than being given a list of tasks to work through, you’ll be part of a team that ‘owns problems’. You and your team will work together to create and implement solutions for those problems. It’s very much a collaborative work environment where you are trusted, have autonomy, are encouraged to express your thoughts freely and learn from one another. No micromanagement here!

What they’re not looking for is someone that just comes to collect a check. Phocas loves people who “aspire to be the best in the world at what they do”. You’re not expected to be the best when you come on board, but instead will be supported to get there. There’s lots of room for personal and professional growth; it’s a constant learning process at Phocas. No two days are the same, another day presents another challenge. It’s very much a dynamic and exciting work culture, where having fun is not just allowed, but encouraged! 


Phocas’s growth prospects are stronger than ever. Now is a really exciting time to join the team and get in on the ground floor - check out available roles here!