Sydneys Immutable Ready to Revolutionise the NFT Industry

Sydneys Immutable Ready to Revolutionise the NFT Industry

With their $88 million funding round and upcoming exciting partnerships across gaming, collectibles, marketplaces, DeFi and more, Immutable has now become one of Australia’s fastest growing startups. If you’re ready to take your career to the next level with Immutable, now’s a really exciting time to apply - check out available roles here!

The crypto and NFT (non-fungible token) industry has seen incredible growth in the past few years, and its impact can no longer be ignored. It’s a multi-trillion dollar technology that’s rapidly making its mark on the world’s major industries. And on the forefront of innovation in the crypto space is Sydney’s very own; Immutable.

Founded by gaming enthusiast brothers, James and Robbie Ferguson, Immutable has become the world's leading blockchain-basedgame developer and NFT scaling solution. Their mission isto give users true and immutable ownership over their digital assets, such as in-game items, while rewarding players for their time and effort put into games. But it doesn’t stop there...

Immutable not only provides advanced solutions for the gaming industry but other big companies looking to enter the growing metaverse. Recently, Immutable partnered with TikTok; the giant social media platform with over 1 billion monthly active users, to power its first-ever TikTok Top Moments NFT project via the Immutable X protocol. Thecollaboration featured well-known creators and artists from around the world, such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Curtis Roach, COIN Artist, x0r and more. Their exciting project allowed users to own an internet-breaking moment through Limited Edition and 1-1 NFT drops that went on for almost a month.  

With Immutable X, users are able to seamlessly create and transfer NFTs instantly without paying a single cent in transaction fees (gas fees) on Layer 2. It’s the first and leading layer-2 scaling solution built on Ethereum; untouched territory in the tech space.

If you’re not into crypto, you don’t quite understand the magnitude of this - it’s like driving a car... with only having to pay cents for fuel vs multiples dollars per litre. The first of its kind in the world.

Seeing such rapid success since their launch in 2018, Immutable secured $88 million in their recent Series B fundingto further invest in their growth. Prabina Lord-Doyle, Talent Acquisition Manager at Immutable recently told TechLifeSydney that they’re expanded their company from 50 to 120 by and are recruiting for 60+ positions across engineering, sales, product, marketing, executiveand talent acquisition roles globally..


Learn Something New Every Single Day

At Immutable, you’ll be working on cutting-edge projects in the crypto and tech space. With the dynamic nature of the industry, no two days will be the same. You’re pretty much guaranteed to learn something new and exciting every single day. 

Needless to say, you won’t be given a daily list of tasks to complete. You’ll work on complex problems with a team of like-minded people, bouncing ideas off each other until you come up with a solution and have the unique opportunity to build from the ground-up


Experience a Work Culture Like No Other

If you’re a gamer or a crypto enthusiast, this is your dream job. Think about it, playing video games and learning about crypto is probably something you do in your spare time. It’s a hobby. 

Combine the passion of gamers with the excitement of crypto enthusiasts; that’s what you get at Immutable. This type of environment is driven by raw passion to achieve a common goal, and is pretty much impossible to replicate.

With such a passionate group of people, it’s no surprise that the culture is very family-esque. Immutable practices open communication, so you’ll have direct access to senior leadership. If you choose to work in-office, you may just find yourself sitting with the CEO and executive team for lunch! If you prefer remote work, it’s no problem either...

Immutable has a dedicated ‘vibe team’, whose sole purpose is to curate an incredible remote work culture. Imagine receiving painting equipment at your doorstep to participate in an online painting class, or a box of ingredients for a cooking class. 

So whether you choose to work remotely or in-office, you still get to experience the same exciting culture.