Solving this problem could bring in a 66% increase in revenue for your company: The Project F & TechLifeSydney partnership

Solving this problem could bring in a 66% increase in revenue for your company: The Project F & TechLifeSydney partnership

With the tremendous growth in Sydney’s tech industry, there’s been a major spike in demand for tech talent. Even though the industry is booming, there’s still one crucial challenge that’s yet to be addressed.

“The tech world is still a man's world, and some of the reasons include the lack of female mentors, gender inequality in STEM jobs, and not having enough hands-on experience with STEM subjects.” - Forbes Tech Council

Leaders are under immense pressure to build, scale and develop their products at speed, and the challenge of hiring and retaining female tech talent is a daily reality for them.

Companies with high-gender-diversity companies tend to outperform less diverse companies. Why? Men and women view things differently, and bring unique ideas to the table. This leads to more effective problem solving, which can boost company performance.

That’s where we come in. In line with TechLifeSydney’s aim to create win-win solutions for employers and expand their value to the larger ecosystem, we’ve partnered with Project F, an organisation that helps clients identify and address systemic barriers to achieving sustainable gender-balanced technology teams. 


About Project F

Project F was founded by Emma Jones as a result of her experience as Global Head of Talent in a rapidly growing Australian SaaS firm. She saw challenges when building gender-balanced technology teams, and this problematic ‘diversity debt’ quickly caught her attention.

That's where Project F steps in. 

Project F’s mission is to provide a laser-focused solution that effectively addresses this persistent global phenomenon. They aim to create an inclusive environment for women in the tech sector, thus creating a level playing field in a traditionally male-dominated industry.


Program 50/50

“Program 50/50 is a 3-step accreditation program that helps organisations address the systemic barriers for women in their organisational structures, while providing holistic support to facilitate the healthy, sustainable growth of balanced technology teams”.


The 3 steps to receive the Program 50/50 accreditation are:

  1. PLEDGE: Once companies commit to close the gender gap in their technology teams, they are given the “PLEDGE” accreditation. Project F then collects data on the company’s systems, processes, and builds an implementation roadmap.
  2. ACTIVATE: As the company agrees to implement the steps designed on the roadmap, the “ACTIVATE” accreditation is passed.
  3. ACHIEVE: When the first set of milestones are reached, the company will be rewarded with the “ACHIEVE” accreditation.


Project F’s Success

Today, Project F is widely recognised for the significant impact it’s made in the tech space. They’ve successfully partnered with tech giants such as Google, ABC, Canva, and continuously strive to build inclusive environments in every workplace.

The program has transformed the lives of thousands of women across Australia. A strong ‘F Factor’ women in tech community is also in place, which comprises members who come together for inspiration, mentorship, connections and opportunities to build the careers they want and deserve.

Not only that, companies accredited by Project F are also valued differently in the industry. Having Project F’s certification shows that they're committed to doing the work required to achieve gender-diverse technology teams, thus allowing them access to a larger pool of talent. 


With this partnership, TechLifeSydney aims to support Project F in fostering a more positive and inclusive work environment in Sydney’s tech space. There’s no doubt that this is going to be one of the more significant partnerships we've ventured into!