Engineering Insights @ Prospa

Engineering Insights @ Prospa

How we create value

We’re Australia’s #1 online lender to small businesses.
We build innovative and easy to use financial products that help small businesses achieve their dreams, by providing fast and easy funding pathways around their business challenges.

We’re proud to say that on our journey so far we have helped over 12,000 small business customers across Australia, injecting over half a billion dollars into the the Australian economy, and counting.

What does the future look like?

Founded in 2012 we’ve come a long way in short period of time. June 2019 saw us list on the ASX at a valuation of $610m.
As a public company our guiding principles won’t change. We’ll continue to strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by continuing to improve our existing products as well as developing new products whilst entering new geographies.

Our most recent product Prospa Pay offers small businesses access to a Buy Now, Pay Later solution from approved vendors.

We’ll continue to listen to our customers and innovate to create better value for them.