Meet-Ups and Events - What not to miss in July!

Meet-Ups and Events - What not to miss in July!
As we see the relaxing of lockdowns and restrictions, cafe’s starting to fill up and the office vibe is starting to build - more than ever we are longing for our first drop of meet-up normalcy to return! While many are sticking to the virtual meetup style (kudos to the organisers on this - virtual engagement is a tough gig), while others are starting to explore the new limits of people allowed in one place.

Some of the events coming up in July that the TLS team have heard great things about include;

Architecting for Scale

1st July 

Special event by Microsoft Reactor Abu Dhabi

Hear from Christopher Maneu - Startups Developer Advocate @ Microsoft;

Is your product ready for a sudden increase in usage of 2x? 10x? 100x? It could happen to you. However, as a Startup, you are probably not able to put engineering resources to create and scale your product for hypothetical future growth. In this presentation, you'll learn how to plan for growth while deferring implementation at the right time, and how you can leverage some techniques to give you a bit of overhead if it happens to you tomorrow.

Cyber Security: How Secure are we by Innovation Bay

July 1st

Over the past 5 years the Australian cyber ecosystem has really emerged. We’ve seen homegrown startups like Nuix, Secure Code Warrior, Upguard and Bugcrowd, gain international recognition, along with great initiatives like AustCyber and incubators like Cyrise.

Cyber-security has become a growing concern as businesses across the world have shifted to remote working and relying on cloud storage. 

On the panel, you'll get to hear the thoughts from industry leaders including;

Casey Ellis - Founder, Chairman, and CTO of Bugcrowd

James Cameron - Partner at Airtree Ventures

Jessica Glenn - Former CTO at OneShift & Skilld

Mike Baukes - Co-Founder and Co-CEO of UpGuard

Product Hunt Sydney Meetup

July 1st

The fast-growing Sydney Product Hunt community is THE place to learn and share about building, designing, managing, launching, marketing, and growing amazing products. The goal of this event is to provide a casual platform to help and inspire each other, grow the startup ecosystem, and share experiences over a free drink or two (but for now a virtual drink at your own cost!)

Format of the Meetup:
• Demos: Budding Startups, Micro startups, Makers who launched recently on ProductHunt, get to showcase their products
• Talks: By fellow makers or influencers on different themes around startups (design/marketing/growth)

What’s new with Azure IoT

7th July

.NET is used by millions of developers, it is mature, fast, supports multiple programming languages (C#, F#, and VB.NET), runs on multiple platforms (Linux, macOS, and Windows), and is supported across multiple processor architectures. It is used to build device, cloud, and IoT applications. Join Dave Glover, Senior Cloud Advocate @ Microsoft, and have a bit of fun learning how to develop an IoT project with .NET Core, C#, Visual Studio Code, and free Azure IoT Services.

How to design & launch a successful customer feedback program by Product Women

14th July

Customer feedback is by far one of the most crucial and rewarding aspects of product management. But what's the secret of a successful feedback loop?

Joanne Cooper Design Practice Lead @ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll will be sharing her experience and insights to thrive at building a customer feedback program. She will be outlining the steps that you need to consider, with a candid behind the scenes view into the development of a recent program launch.

Machine Learning Model Interpretability: A dive into Facebook Captum by PyData Sydney

July 15th

Globally, the PyData network of over 100 chapters promotes discussion of best practices, new approaches, and emerging technologies for data management, processing, analytics, and visualisation. PyData communities approach data science using many languages, including (but not limited to) Python, Julia, and R. 

This month's event has Kale Temple, Co-CEO @Intellify speaking about "Business uses of interpretable machine learning" and Lakshmi Rajasekhar, Senior Data Scientist @Intellify on "Machine Learning Model Interpretability: A dive into Facebook Captum"

July online DevOps meetup

July 16th

The main talk will be coming from Hamburg based Sebastian Korfmann on "AWS Cloud Development Kit 101";

The Infrastructure as Code landscape seems to be dominated by declarative approaches such as CloudFormation or Terraform (YAML, JSON or HCL). While that’s perfectly fine for describing your infrastructure as the desired state, it’s just not a lot of fun to stare at 1,000s of lines of YAML. Let alone all the missing features and tooling around imperative languages such as proper dependency management, composable abstractions, and testing support.

Sebastian explores what the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) and its emerging ecosystem has to offer to make defining cloud resources a first-class citizen in the software engineering world. He’ll take an example and follow from the first initial steps all the way to production deployment. Along the way, there will be the opportunity to discover essential concepts of the CDK and how it enables you to define your Infrastructure in Typescript, Python, Java or C#.


Do you run a tech event? If you want to spread the word or find speakers get in touch!