Keep an eye out for these incredible opportunities this August!

Keep an eye out for these incredible opportunities this August!

2022 has been a wild ride for the tech space so far. We saw immense growth and tons of opportunities for tech talent. Although the rate of growth has slowed down ever this month, our tech scene is healthy and growing at a sustainable pace.  

And better yet, there are still TONS of opportunities for you to explore this August. We’ve compiled some of our favorite ones for you below!


Opportunities at Qwilr

Qwilr utilizes the power of the web to create intelligent documents that ‘make you look impressive and do better business’. You’ll be inventing the future of documents, and work with cutting-edge technology to do so.

Qwilr believes that the best way to learn is being surrounded by excellence. You’ll be working alongside techies with impressive backgrounds, from companies like Microsoft, Google, Dropbox, and more. They also prioritize your personal growth and development. Qwilr will help financially support further education, and give you tons of opportunities to learn new skills. 


They’re now ‘beginning to grow like crazy’, and are looking to fill the following roles:

Product Designer

Software Engineer

Senior Demand Generation Manager

And more. Check out all available roles here!


Opportunities at Morse Micro

Would you like to shape the future of the internet? If so, look no further than Morse Micro. They’re Australia’s fastest growing semiconductor startup that’s revolutionizing WiFi for multi-billion dollar Internet of Things markets. 

At Morse Micro, you won’t be given a set of daily tasks to do. Instead, you’ll work on challenging problems that could very well be the world's firsts. You’ll also be working with a team of innovators. And that’s not said lightly. Some employees were part of the team that invented the original Wi-Fi technology that we use today!


If you’re looking to make a real change in a forward-looking industry, there’s no better place to do it. They’re currently looking for:

Applications Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

Director of Product Management

And tons of other roles. Check them out here!


Opportunities at Swipejobs

Swipejobs is a mobile technology platform that helps staffing firms and consumer technology platforms to match on-demand workers with employers. At Swipejobs, you’ll be working with the latest and greatest tech, including machine learning, to build out new products and improve existing ones.Despite their maturity, Swipejobs very much operates like a startup. With the nature of their work, you’ll constantly be innovating and solving interesting problems. You’ll work as part of a high performing team, with great opportunities for career acceleration through development of both technical and non-technical skills. 


If you’re interested in working in a fast-paced environment where you get to constantly learn, grow, and innovate, Swipejobs is right for you. At the moment, they’re looking to hire for these roles:

DevOps Engineer

FrontEnd Engineer

Senior Data Engineer

They’re also looking to fill a lot more positions - check out the complete list here!


Whether you’re looking to switch roles, advance in your career, or just looking for a change of pace, we hope you found this list helpful!