Insights - Life @ EdApp

Insights - Life @ EdApp

How do we create value?

We’re changing the way people learn at work. Our industry-leading microlearning platform is arming the workplaces of the world with the best possible learning tools to help their employees thrive. Our industry compatibility is without limit so whether you’re an aircraft engineer, barista, sales representative or a C-suite executive we have you covered.  

 We’re powering progressive workplaces around the world delivering approximately 1.5 million lessons a month. Our mobile-first approach puts the learner at the centre of the training pathway and provides a revolutionised user experience that’s more in tune with the way we consume content in everyday life than traditional learning systems. 


What does the future look like?

We’re living in a time of unprecedented change with the global workforce set to transform dramatically over the next five years, at a rate that hasn’t been seen before. We’re at the forefront of this transformation, with skill-building set to be a crucial factor for workforces in surviving this change. With microlearning still in its infancy, we’re excited to continue to evolve our technology investing in R&D and exploring new frontiers such as machine and peer-to-peer learning.

While our legacy is corporate education, we’re an agnostic tool for learning which means we’re not constrained to any one industry. We’re making an impact anywhere learning is necessary, and our sights are set on making our mark on the future of innovation in education across the globe.