Insights - Engineering @ Xref

Insights - Engineering @ Xref

How do we create value?

Organisations around the globe share a common imperative; securing the right talent for the right role.

We’ve revolutionised this process, changing the way recruitment, HR and talent acquisition teams hire. We’re a fully automated, online reference checking software that enables fast, secure and meaningful candidate feedback. We’ve empowered some of Australia’s largest organisations, the likes of Qantas and Westpac, to make confident, data-driven hiring decisions.

What are our engineers most proud of?

On the outside we might seem like a simple platform, but we're complex under the hood. The tools and technologies we employ are at the innovative edge of the industry and we're constantly looking for ways to upgrade our platform to ensure we keep it that way! Despite challenging ourselves to continually evolve we never cut corners, ensuring all of our new features are well-scoped and smoothly developed.

We embrace individual thought leadership and our talented engineers thrive on project ownership; developing features and leading a range of projects from creating our high-performing search engine with geo-location awareness, to isolating data infrastructure for business intelligence and analytics, to developing a robust Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment pipeline for ETL application.

Our team is passionate about the product and the difference it makes. We love hearing how much our clients love the platform and its ease of use. Our developers are driven by the problem they are solving for the industry and have created a product that’s powerful, yet simple to use, and runs like a dream allowing them to scale on demand while delivering new features without disruption.