Insights - Engineering @ Phocas Software

Insights - Engineering @ Phocas Software

How do we create value?

Our mission is simple - Phocas makes people feel good about data. We are experts in helping manufacturing, distribution, and retail customers with tailored industry-focused solutions to turn data into results. Our award-winning software provides customers with powerful analytics and visualisation tools to generate insights that help them make better data-driven decisions, improving efficiencies, and boosting their bottom line.

Our customers create real-time, ad-hoc reporting and analysis - drilling down from high-level dashboards to underlying transactions with our renowned lightning fast grid. Phocas delivers self-service capabilities that scale with business growth. Our customers get instant, focused and visual data when they need it.

We are loved by our customers because we make the complicated simple and is the reason Phocas ranks #1 in G2 Crowd and BARC BI 2019. 


What does the future look like?

With over 1700 customers around the globe and 20,000+ people who rely on our software we are already a leader in providing data solutions but our opportunity to grow is huge!

We continuously evolve our core product to delight our customers with new functionality, as well as investing in our platform, AI and machine learning, and extending our product suite with entirely new offerings, to make sure we stay ahead of the competition.

Whilst our customer retention rate is 98% we never stop looking for ways to add value to our customers and their businesses. That takes the right kind of people - passionate about what they do and who aspire to be great not just good.