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Published Mon Sep 30 2019
Funding stagePrivate
LocationsAustralia, US, UK, New Zealand, Philippines

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How do we create value?

Finder is a comparison site making waves all around the world. Our mission is to change the way the world makes decisions. 

We help over two million Australians each month compare virtually everything across 100+ categories – from broadband to business loans; credit cards to cruises; and health insurance to headphones.

We’re 100% free to use, and we’re 100% on your side.


What does the future look like?

Finder has seen explosive growth in recent years, with 30 - 50% year-on-year revenue growth over the past decade. It’s a great place to work in terms of making a real impact from both an engineering and a holistic perspective. At its core, Finder helps people all around the world make better decisions where our platform is our product.  

Finder is the most visited comparison site in Australia, with 2.4 million Aussies visiting Finder each month and we continue to grow quickly in the US, the UK, and Canada because we have a comparison business that scales extremely well.

Who we are

    • We go live: Instead of building something perfect, go live with something that matches the functionality needed, then rapidly iterate to exceed it.
    • We’re one crew: We’re all on one ship. We support each other and demonstrate team behaviour. We’re all for the good of Finder.
    • We’re empowered: We give people the tools they need to be successful. We’re hiring new people every week and we’ll continue to do so.
    • We master our craft: If you’re in product or engineering, we massively support mastering your craft. We invest in training, coaching courses or mentoring so you can actually build your career properly here at Finder.
    • We’re straight up: When there’s feedback, give it. Give it immediately and make it respectful. It’s really healthy.

Who we aren't

    • We’re not status driven: We try to avoid hierarchy and we’ve really migrated over the past six months to be a product- and engineering-led business.
    • We’re not perfect: We will go live and sometimes it’s not 100% the first time, but we don’t get too worried as we’ll iterate and improve quickly.
    • We’re not fluffy:  Conversations can sometimes be uncomfortable, but they’re always productive and you walk away with strength.
    • We’re not slow: In a fast-moving environment you need to stay current, because nobody wants somebody who is working on yesterday’s technology.
    • We’re not single minded: We encourage crew to expand their skill sets, it’s not only engineers who can write code or only publishers that can publish content...

Engineering at Finder

Headed up by Joe Waller, former Chief of Staff at the world’s largest eGaming platform, Betfair, and CTO of Flamingo AI. Finder has engineering teams in Sydney, Manila, Wroclaw, and New York, and continues to scale.

“We used to classify crew as either a front-end dev or a back-end dev. A developer writes code, then somebody else will put it into production or maintain and they play on the pitch. But a full stack engineer is end-to-end. I like it when a developer is able to be in defence or play on the left wing. A full stack engineer can go wherever they’re needed on the pitch. They go where the ball is.

“We’ve been working on getting people more experienced up and down across the stack. We expect engineers to be involved in the design process. We run product workshops where engineers, engineering leads and designers brainstorm together. We don’t expect people to be absolute experts, but they should be willing to jump in, roll their sleeves up and get involved.

“An engineer who can do that and can see the stuff running in production is much more powerful.”


Our challenges

Finder CTO, Joe Waller, says hiring more women is something personally important to him: “I have worked for a female-led business and have seen the benefits that more women in leadership provide. We’d like to see more female engineers joining and we’d like to grow the number of females in leadership and senior leadership engineering positions. We have a female product lead here in Sydney and I’d love to see more on that front. We’re working hard to make that happen, focusing on flexibility, support and understanding. One initiative we recently introduced is a Diversity and Inclusivity Working Group specifically for engineering. This working group makes sure we're creative an inclusive environment for everyone in Engineering, Product, and Design, and ensures we have inclusive job descriptions, interview processes, and on-boarding practices to encourage diversity."


Why join us?

We’re building some world-first stuff. From an engineering perspective, we’re breaking up our capabilities into micro services. We’ve gone live with a significant number of these new capabilities and we can take these strengths and recombine them into different products and services that offer additional monetisation streams. The comparison business is just one part of the piece.

We’re creating new lines of business – there’s some stuff we are doing in crypto, for example. There’s some stuff we’re going to do on the value chain. There’s a whole bunch of different ways we can combine all the product information that we’ve got to understand our customers and our goal is to be the go to price and product comparison platform on the Internet.

We’re building new tech and products – what engineer doesn’t want to get involved in building state of the art tech?

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