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Published Wed Oct 02 2019
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How do we create value?

We're building the workforce of the future powered by industry leading freelancers and a platform that makes working for yourself work. This future is dynamic, efficient and game-changing; we believe it has the potential to change the way the world does business and for exponential outcomes to be realised.

Our marketplace empowers organisations to build, scale and manage flexible, on-demand workforces across tens of thousands of projects.


What does the future look like?

Organisations around the globe are experiencing the most profound changes to the way we work since the industrial revolution. Talented professionals are now working for themselves in ever-increasing numbers with over 40% of the workforce expected to maintain flexible working arrangements by 2020. Businesses have been a co-catalyst to this change recognising the competitive power of agility and the leverage that attracting the right talent for a specific project provides. Expert360’s technology powers these new connections and work experiences on a daily basis.

Our talent marketplace of over 25,000 highly skilled professionals have embraced the freelance movement. We see it as our responsibility to provide the most robust platform and services to connect these freelancers and Australia’s leading companies to create unprecedented success.

Want to learn more about the future of work? Check out our Co-founder and CEO, Bridget Loudon’s recent talk at TEDxSydney.

Who we are

    • Low on ego and high on collaboration.
    • Leaders in diversity; females make up 34% of our engineering teams.
    • Flexible and nimble. We provide options for our team to thrive in the office and remotely.
    • Genuinely supportive. Benefits such as paid parental leave are a given.
    • At the forefront of technology; using Elixir, GraphQL and React powered by Relay.

Who we aren't

    • Driven by perfection. As we rapidly scale, we believe in trial, testing and learning from our mistakes.
    • Selfish and siloed. We evenly share the workload, from code reviews to bug fixes.
    • Defeatist. We tackle challenges head on as a team.

Engineering at Expert360

Our growing engineering team is made up of some of the brightest minds in the industry and accounts for a third of the company. Fostering collaboration is part of our DNA, and our engineers operate in multi-disciplinary “squads” alongside product managers and designers.

We’re at the forefront of Elixir development in Australia, a technology that has been embraced by Pinterest, Bleacher Report and Whatsapp. Elixir is built on Erlang VM which combines high concurrency and low latency. Many of our engineers haven’t used Elixir before starting with us, so we provide the training and space to develop their skills. Ruby to Elixir is the easiest transition, but we welcome engineers from a variety of backgrounds that have all grown to love it.

We champion professional development and have dedicated time set aside for training as well as providing team members with the chance to attend conferences and host regular meetups and community events.

At the core of our platform is an advanced matching system that connects our experts with the right projects at the right time. We’re investing heavily in this system and are looking to expand into overseas markets to help us scale our business into the future.


Our challenges

We're growing at speed and are conscious of evolving our technology at the same rate in order to deliver a product that caters to the needs of our users. We believe our greatest potential lies in creating a system that rivals human capability at scale and we are constantly seeking opportunities for our technology to reflect the ways in which our users want to work.

To bring this bold vision to life we ensure our engineers are strategically and technically challenged while being supported by rigorous cross and upskilling.

We recognise that our junior engineers are our future leaders and we're committed to providing mentoring and guidance, balanced by delivering to our business milestones.


Why join us?

When we say we move at speed, we're not kidding. We offer a career trajectory that's unparalleled and powered by the support of a collaborative team structure; no one goes it alone or bears the burden of a challenge, we tackle obstacles in numbers.

We boast some of the best talent in the industry and as we progress, we want to be known for growing an organisation of trailblazers. The opportunity exists for you to step in at our current stage of growth and make an immediate impact.

We set up our team to thrive and are proud of the culture we foster; one that values continual learning, fun, collaboration, the exchange of ideas and innovation, all wrapped up in a beautiful office environment in the heart of the city. If the opportunity to reach your highest potential is what you're seeking, we'd love to connect.

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