Insights - Engineering & Culture @ Secure Code Warrior

Insights - Engineering & Culture @ Secure Code Warrior

Who is Secure Code Warrior?

As a hyper-growth cybersecurity company, we’re driven by our purpose of making the world’s coders more secure.

With our online platform, we train and equip software developers to be the first line of defence for their organisations, empowering them to think and act with a security mindset every day. They want to ship secure code with confidence, and we give them the skills, knowledge, and tools to do it!


What are the exciting developments and challenges that are driving us?  

We’re a company born from forward-thinking, and with more organisations and people becoming increasingly reliant on technology, we’re ramping up to support our large-scale growth plans. Our team is primed to continue to disrupt the software security space, underpinned by a collaborative focus on solving the root cause of the software security problem; empowering developers to write secure code from the start.