Expansion in the works as Australian FinTech Prospa Goes Big with Small Businesses

Expansion in the works as Australian FinTech Prospa Goes Big with Small Businesses

Prospa is Australia’s leading online lender for small businesses. They bring small business owners one step closer to achieving their goals with no-nonsense funding solutions. With Prospa, small businesses can borrow up to AU $500,000, and up to $150,000 without upfront asset security.


Why do they do this? Australian business owners believe in themselves. Prospa believes in them too.


Founded in 2011, Prospa has originated over $2 billion in loans to more than 33 thousand small business owners. Despite the impact of Covid-19, Prospa has seen phenomenal growth in their loan distribution. In fact, their originations grew by 265.3% from Q4 to 2020 to Q1 2021 and continue to grow rapidly.


Prospa isn’t just another bank that gives out loans. In fact, they’re not a bank at all. They’re the #1 the non-bank financial services company in Australia; a team of passionate individuals with a mission to help small businesses grow and achieve success. In doing so, they have to come up with creative solutions that challenge the status quo, rather than adopting the practices of existing financial institutions.


On the forefront of innovation, Prospa is looking to build products that do not exist yet. And at the rate they’re growing, they’re looking for future Prosparians to help achieve their mission.


Maria Kojevnikova, Talent Acquisition Manager at Prospa, recently told TechLifeSydney that they are actively recruiting for 50+ roles across Australia and New Zealand, with a particular focus on Technology, Product and Design teams. 


“We’re on a journey of exponential growth as a business, and we’re preparing for our active customer base to grow significantly as we continue to evolve our offering in the SME market. We’re looking for impact driven people to drive great outcomes for our customers and contribute to our growth” 


Have a Real Impact on Real People


The work you do at Prospa matters. You’re not just sitting and working on some esoteric financial model, you’re building practical solutions for real-life problems of the everyday Australian, problem solving on a daily basis and seeing the direct impact of your work. It really doesn’t get any better than that…


Actually, it does! When it comes to fostering a diverse culture and building a power-team, Prospa knows how to do it best. They offer a huge degree of flexibility and are accommodating to your individual needs and circumstances. When they say they care about employees, they really mean it.


At Prospa, you get to sharpen your skills, gain new experiences to take your career to the next level. Their leaders are passionate about developing and growing their people by creating alignment between personal goals and company objectives. In creating space for the team to grow, Prospa introduced ‘Learning Days’ for engineers and technologists to take time out to study for certifications, learn and apply a new language/tool, or explore passion projects. The offering starts at 2 days in the first year, and prorated increasing based on tenure up to 10 days a year.


Prospa was named AON Hewitt’s ‘best employer’ 2 years in a row, and is a certified ‘Great Place to Work’ for their policies, cultural programs, and practices. Adding to the ‘Learning Days’ mentioned above, they support ongoing learning with a dedicated yearly learning budget for every employee.


You’ll also be working alongside some of the leading experts in the industry. That’s not an empty statement – they have leaders from Twitter, Google, Atlassian and other leading financial institutions. 


Prospa is scaling at unprecedented levels, and this growth is set to continue in the coming years. With a new product in the works, now is an exciting time to join the team of top talent at Prospa and prosper in your career – check out available roles here!