Brighte - Become part of a fast-growing greentech with a conscience

Brighte - Become part of a fast-growing greentech with a conscience

Brighte has a mission: to make Australian homes sustainable.  Founded in 2015 by Katherine McConnell, she had experienced first-hand the hurdles of solar panel installation.  She realised that there needed to be an easier way for customers to navigate the huge upfront costs of creating energy-efficient homes. Thus, Brighte was born.

Brighte creates greener homes. The initial cost of sustainable home improvements like batteries and solar has traditionally been difficult for consumers to access. Providing funding for these technologies with 0% interest loans, Brighte ensures homeowners – and the environment – don’t have to wait.

Flash forward to 2022 and they’re in a hypergrowth phase, looking for world-class talent in the key growth areas of Engineering, Technology, Energy and Product.

And whether it’s building out an entirely new business unit, an architecture system for rapid development and launch, or integrations with services and mobile design systems, Brighte has plenty of upcoming challenges for you to sink your teeth into.

Charlotte O’Brien, Brighte’s Employer Brand Manager, recently told TechLifeSydney about the opportunities at Brighte.

“It’s an opportunity to really create some innovative technology, especially in that tech space, to be involved at the forefront of innovation and change”

Industry-leading and backed by a number of big investors such as Grok Investments, Airtree Ventures, and Skip Capital, it’s a great time to get into this sustainable greentech!


Why Brighte?

One of the best reasons to work at Brighte is the opportunity to grow in a purpose-driven tech company.  They encourage career development, and will be with you throughout your journey with feedback and support to help you grow professionally and personally. 

Brighte sees its people as an asset, and believes that authenticity, creativity and trust are key parts of allowing them to thrive.  They embrace difference and celebrate collaboration.  And having recently won Best Workplace Diversity at the Finnies in 2021 , it’s clear that they live these values every day.

They’re also highly customer-focused and are constantly seeking out feedback.  With ‘Deserve the Customer’ as one of Brighte’s core values, you’ll be looking for ways to improve their experience. A great example of this is:

“Here at Brighte, we use multiple platforms to gather this information and build out our VoC. We collect feedback at multiple points in the customer journey, some of these touch points include surveying customers while they interact with our website or following conversations with our contact centre.  

We quickly learnt from our customer feedback that we were not providing a best-in-class customer experience for customers with language barriers, and of course this had to change. So, when the Energy department implemented translation and interpretation services for their customers, the finance department jumped at the opportunity to adopt the same service.”

As well as offering hybrid and work-from-home options, Brighte encourages working at a sustainable pace as well, looking after their teams to avoid burnout.  Time to plan and reflect is seen as vital to a healthy workplace, and a key part of getting the job done.

They’re also really big on transferrable skills, as specific industry knowledge can be learned as you go.

And there are plenty of other perks when you’re part of the Brighte team.  Employee share options, a great parental leave policy, access to headspace, and a recognition and reward program to name a few.  You’ll also never go hungry at the office with all their nutritious food!

Sustainability in Australian homes was something we needed yesterday, so joining a fast-growing purpose-led business supporting the power shift to the home,  that’s shaking up the industry is a no-brainer.  If you want to be part of creating innovative technology that also creates a better tomorrow, check out the available roles here!