Brace yourself: Hyper-growth Startup Shippit Takes Off with Major Workforce Expansion.

Brace yourself: Hyper-growth Startup Shippit Takes Off with Major Workforce Expansion.

Shippit is Australia’s leading e-commerce logistics platform. Founded in 2014 by Rob Hango-Zada and Will On Shippit aims to simplify the delivery process while maximizing efficiency. They’re the ‘middleware’ piece connecting retailers to carriers across Australia, New Zealand, and South-East Asia. 

Shipping logistics can be daunting for retailers. It’s a complicated process with lots of room for error. That’s where Shippit comes in. 

They automate tasks related to order fulfillment, including finding the right carrier for an order, tracking packages, and managing returns. They take away the leg work from the entire shipping process, and even update the customer order status through automated track and notify messaging. This allows retailers to save time and focus on their main business while delighting customers.

The logistics industry is riddled with inefficiencies, and Shippit aims to combat that. Through powerful technology they are creating the network that delivers goods to people in the leanest way, whilst leading the way in Sustainability across the logistics industry. This requires a lot of growth...


100% Year on Year Growth

Since its inception in 2014, Shippit has seen consistent 100% year-on-year growth. The company grew by 200% in 2020 alone! They recently raised $30 million Series B funding to fuel their expansion and continue growing to fulfill customer demand.

With the infrastructure they’ve built, Shippit processes over 1 million orders a week. They currently exist in a state of hypergrowth, and are looking to bring on some team members to sustain this growth.

Sibel Martin, Chief of Staff at Shippit, recently told TechLifeSydney that they’re looking to bring on people from Sales, Marketing, Support, Product, Design, and Engineering as they scale their product, grow their customer base, and cascade the good word of Shippit across Australia, NZ and South-East Asia.

“We want to support more innovation and ample thinking space for people to unlock creative ways of solving problems”


Innovate and Grow with the Company

As Shippit continues to grow, so will your skillset. You’re not going to be pigeonholed into doing one thing. Every squad at Shippit has a product manager and designer collaborating with engineers. You’ll discuss how, what, and why you build things together, rather than simply doing it because you’re told to.

Shippit has built a reputation of being a fun and exciting place to work - and for good reason. You get to experience firsthand how different departments come together to fulfill a common objective. 

You get to see the bigger picture, and get a good understanding of how the company operates. Many employees claim to have learned more in 1 short year with Shippit than they have in 3-4 years with other companies. It’s no surprise that Shippit was named in LinkedIn’s 25 hottest tech startups to work at in Australia!

They’re looking to transform the logistics industry, so you won’t be working on esoteric and unproductive projects. You’ll be challenging existing principles in the domain and coming up with better alternatives to them.

With Shippit raising $30 million to fuel their growth, their prospects are stronger than ever. Shippit is in hyper growth mode, and now is a really exciting time to get in on the action - check out available roles here!