Best Aussie tech places to work: Meet three tech firms new to the list

Best Aussie tech places to work: Meet three tech firms new to the list
Canva, Atlassian and Salesforce are just three of the most well-known ‘best places to work in Australia’ in the technology category - but what about the companies new to the list since last year? We take a look inside the Sydney tech businesses making their move...

The 50 Best Places to Work is an annual and eagerly anticipated ranking of Australia’s best employers, compiled by training consultancy Great Place to Work.

The list now in its 12th year, sees companies ranked based on procedures, policy and employee sentiment. Tech organisations often dominate the list, which is no surprise due to our industry’s need to attract and retain top talent.

Now we all know those high-profile tech companies that attract interest during social setting small talk, even from people outside your industry who aren’t quite sure what it is you do for work but nod along all the same. Atlassian, Canva and the like have in-demand profiles and that must mean they’re good places to work, right? They are in fact great places to work, but here we take a quick look at some of the tech companies new to the list since last year. They may just be the tech leaders of the future.


LogMeIn is a global SaaS (software-as-a-service) company that offers solutions for communication, conferencing, identity, access and support. A market leader, LogMeIn is thought of as contributing to the infrastructure of the modern workplace, one that is flexible, efficient and geographically diverse. Their Sydney office was ranked number two on list in the offices with ‘Under 100 Employees’ category.

The team at LogMeIn describe the recognition as a “...testament to its global success in creating positive and productive workplaces.” This from the outside, is a compelling company value proposition to line up behind.

LogMeIn’s product solutions are mirrored in the support and flexibility it offers its employees. Lindsay Brown, vice president, Asia Pacific at LogMeIn believes one of the reasons it received the accolade is due to the fact that LogMeIn places “...high importance on creating an environment for our teams to thrive, both in the office and remotely. The result is even greater employee satisfaction and productivity – it’s a win-win.”

Beyond its innovative environment, LogMeIn offers a host of benefits to its employees including training and development, innovation hackathons, personal social responsibility support, health and wellness plans, a robust social calendar and even pet insurance!


Legal and conveyancing software creator Smokeball, who aims to reduce the stress and increase the profitability of running a small legal business, came in at number 20 in the ‘Under 100 Employees’ category.

From the punchy name to a recent brand campaign fronted by ex-TV lawyer Calista Flockhart, Smokeball presents as an organisation that likes to do things differently. In a statement regarding the Best Places to Work accolade Smokeball says they “...aim to provide a diverse, non-hierarchical, fun, friendly and success-orientated culture and our goal is to create an environment where our employees love their work and provide high quality outcomes for our clients.”

This vision is reflected across online sentiment with employees echoing their love of the flexible work structure, autonomy and creative licence and a host of benefits such as a gym membership, breakfast, social activities and an employee-share scheme. But it’s not just about the perks, Smokeball also undertakes regular philanthropic efforts to support local community organisations such as OzHarvest.

Macquarie Cloud Services

Macquarie Cloud Services are cloud hosting experts, providing flexible, custom IT solutions to both to business and government bodies. Locally owned and operated, Macquarie Cloud Services have identified an opportunity to make a difference within an industry which has historically been under-served. This customer-focused organisation is built on putting a face to the people behind the cloud operation and came in 19th in the ‘Under 100 Employees’ category.

 Macquarie attributes its ability to offer “amazing customer service” to the creation of a “happy workplace” for its employees.

Self-described as being “big on rewards and recognition”, Macquarie incentivises top performers with trips and the recognition of milestones.

It also has a robust graduate training program believing that “millennials are critical to both business success and in providing innovative ideas that find new ways to solve problems faced by our customers.” Graduate, millennial or otherwise, Macquarie Cloud Services is clearly on an upward trajectory and could be the perfect place to make a mark on the Australian tech landscape.

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