Australian SaaS Company Reckon Goes Big Serving Small Businesses

Australian SaaS Company Reckon Goes Big Serving Small Businesses

From humble beginnings as a startup founded by Greg Wilkonson in 1987, Reckon has now grown to be one of Australia’s leading financial software companies. With over 30 years of operations and 300 employees, it has grown from  “startup” to a global company that serves over 180,000 small businesses all around the world.

There are over 2 million entrepreneurs in Australia’s booming small businesses economy. However, managing business finances is something that they tend to struggle with. Reckon aims to solve all their accounting problems, leaving business owners with more time to focus on what matters; running their business.

With Reckon, it’s not just about managing finances, but enabling businesses to flourish and be successful. They’re more than just a technology company - they constantly innovate to create a better life for business owners. 

Now the term ‘Accounting software company’ lacks excitement - there’s no denying that. But make no mistake, it’s a completely different ballgame with Reckon. They operate in different product domains, so there’s always something new and interesting happening.

Their Head of Engineering Lachlan Yates says they’re currently building out fresh new frontends and developing new application stacks:


"We've made a big investment in our ReactJs & ReactNative design systems, monorepos & delivery, and we're seeing the team build faster than ever.

On the backend, we have a lot of different stacks and GraphQL has proved to be a really neat way of tying it all together.

We're doing a lot of work in decoupling these systems with Kafkfa and other tech in AWS, always trying to move faster"


Reckon builds software that’s easy to use on the frontend, but has a ton of functionality under the hood. The products they build are used to run critical parts of their customers’ businesses. They’re building an ecosystem that handles and organizes all financial data of a business, so business owners don’t have to worry about accounting problems or potential compliance issues.

Having built a strong foundation on desktop, Reckon continues to lead the way in cloud-based services with even more products to come. They’re on a journey to construct the perfect hybrid between desktop and cloud for optimal performance. This operation, combined with Reckon’s recent growth, means that they’re going to need some tech talent to accomplish their mission.

Jessica Morris, Head of People and Culture at Reckon, recently told TechLifeSydney that they are actively recruiting for top tech talent across Australia. 


“We’re on the lookout for the best and brightest to come join our talented team.”


The Excitement of a Startup with the Maturity of a Tech Giant

It’s been established that Reckon was a  startup that’s grown to be a global company and leader of financial software in Australia, and their dynamic work environment reflects that growth. You don’t just come in and work on some basic software, you actually make an impact on real businesses and the lives of their owners. Greg Wilkinson’s entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in the veins of Reckon, and it’s directly reflected in their work practices.

At Reckon, you’re not handed a list of tasks to do daily; you’re given the autonomy and authority to work on projects you love. Every day presents a new challenge, a new problem to work on, and a new opportunity to develop and hone your skills.

Reckon also places great emphasis on your growth and development. This sounds like a cliche statement, but in this case, it’s actually true. With the types of projects you’ll be working on, you’re guaranteed to learn new skills that will take your career to the next level. Lots of companies say this, but Reckon actually means it. 

Some junior developers that joined in 2019 have since doubled their salaries in less than two years! Not only that, their technical and soft skills have also improved immensely. 

Of course, it’s not just about the high salaries and the opportunity for personal and professional growth. It’s also about the work culture. 

At Reckon, you’re essentially the CEO of your own job. You set your own working hours and work on projects you love with like-minded people. It’s very much a bottom-up approach, where your feedback shapes the direction of the company, regardless of your position. It’s no surprise that Reckon is a Certified Great Place to Work in 2021. 


With Reckon heading further into cloud-based services, now is a really exciting time to join the team and make a real impact on small businesses - check out available roles here!