Australian FinTech Firm Finder Expanding its Presence In Sydney And Beyond

Australian FinTech Firm Finder Expanding its Presence In Sydney And Beyond

Finder is one of Australia's leading Fintech companies. With over 15 years in the industry, it’s probably not fair to call them a “startup” anymore. In fact, given the rate they’re growing, “scale-up” is probably a better representation… One thing’s for sure: they’ve solidified their local presence. Which is why they’ve been actioning their expansion plans - both in terms of the value they offer their members and in terms of the markets they serve globally.

Finder's goal is to help its 10 million global monthly active users make important life decisions. They achieve this by offering informed and detailed advice and comparisons on saving and investment. As a result, people in Australia and throughout the globe are empowered to grow their wealth and make smart financial decisions. 

Finding a credit card, buying a home and getting health insurance can be daunting tasks. Finder makes these simple and accessible, allowing everyone to take control of their finances and removing a lot of the financial jargon that can make tasks like investing seem unattainable to the everyday Joe.

The ​​consumer comparison website has grown to have a presence in over 80 countries including the US and UK. But even now, after expansion and with over 500 employees worldwide, they still feel and operate like a small business internally, and they believe in making a real impact as they scale. 

They know that international expansion is the best way to deliver this impact. And the Talent crew at Finder is focused on building the best team possible to ensure that, even as they scale, their core values and focus on the customer remain at the core. 

Jamie Finnegan, Global Head of Talent at Finder, recently told TechLifeSydney that they are actively recruiting for 100+ tech positions across Sydney, Denver, London, and beyond.

“We are changing the future for people, both our customers and crew, in a positive way. We empower our members to make better decisions and empower our crew to grow and learn, to contribute ideas to the business that will benefit our members.”

Make an impact in an environment where you can grow

Finder was ranked as one of the Top 50 Best Places to Work in Australia in 2020 and 2021. Perhaps it's because they focus on helping each crew member ‘master your craft’ – this is one of the five Finder values that are lived and breathed. Each person employed at Finder gets a $2,000 yearly budget to put into building their skills. This can be through courses, training or any creative idea you can think of. 

Not only do you get this substantial professional development budget, but you also get the time and attention of your managers. Everyone gets a tailored development plan that they work on with their head of department. The entire atmosphere in the Finder office is one of mutual growth. People are sharing articles and interesting content all the time, people are discussing problems in an open forum, rather than being purely focused on their own work. Everyone wants to both help and learn from everyone else. So much so that the CTO hosts regular AMAs, and projects that are not already on the roadmap can be added based on these kinds of straight up conversations.

With explosive growth projected for Finder in 2021, now is an exciting time to join the crew - check out roles here. In fact, founder Fred Schebesta recently commented to Bloomberg that the company is considering SPAC listings or IPOs to further boost its growth.