4 Top Jobs in the Aussie Tech Scene this May

4 Top Jobs in the Aussie Tech Scene this May

The employment market remains an interesting one to watch. Mostly, because it is a great indicator of market sentiment (when things are tough or viewed in a negative light, candidates tend to stick to their current roles to avoid additional risk). And also because it’s interesting to watch businesses respond to the ebbs and troughs of talent supply. 

Take the end of last year, for example. Some roles so a 300% increase in job applications - so high volume hiring and getting back to candidates (rather than ghosting them) was all the rage. Fast forward six months, businesses like KPMG and Accenture are in such a tough spot due to the shortage of talent that they’re paying their people 30% more just to try and keep them.

In the tech space, it’s fair to say that it’s all about power to the people. Possibly making it the ideal time to move (in case you were thinking about it). So check out these top jobs from the Sydney Tech scene:



Principal Product Designer

Shippit’s “on a mission that needs the right humans to help make ship happen!”  Plus they were ranked as #8 in Linkedin’s Hottest Startups to work at in 2020. 



Implementation Team Leader - Payroll, Rostering, Time & Attendance

If you don’t know ELMO then you don’t know much about the local tech market.  They’re one of the fastest-growing technology companies in Australia and New Zealand



Application Developer and Support

You can get the entire low-down about Life at Prezzee here.  But basically, all you need to know is that they’re growing faster than you can say “awesome Aussie startup”.



DevOps Engineer

Founded in 2006, JobAdder is a pioneer in the local and global recruitment sector, as its technology continues to make the hiring process easier for recruiters, enabling them to spend more valuable time with candidates and hiring managers.   Backed by big brother SEEK, Jobadder has seen even more growth -with awesome offices and a great culture to book.  From startup to scale-up, this team is doing it all.


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