Top Tech Jobs To Apply For This July

No matter the field you are in, it's always a good idea to keep an eye on the job market. But this is especially true for tech. Working in an industry that is experiencing such rapid growth and changes means that keeping an eye on the job market can help you achieve the career goals you're working toward. Even if you are not looking for a new role, understanding the new skills that tech employers are looking for lets you know where to invest your time and where you can improve.

However, if you are looking for a new tech role in Sydney, you're in luck. Tight border restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic have led to a skills shortage. Tech companies are fighting hard to get all the talent they can get their hands on. This means two great things for job seekers. 

  1. Higher competition has forced an increase in wages. According to AFR, quality assurance roles and software architects have seen some of the biggest increases, with salaries rising by 4% since the start of the pandemic. Computer operators and database developers are also getting a little extra in their paychecks, with salaries rising by over 2%. 
  2. Candidates that don't have all the necessary skills for a tech job still have a chance to land the role. Even if you don't meet every single requirement in a job ad, it is still worth applying. The low volume of candidates means that if you show you are a good fit for the company, they may take you on for the role and offer you internal training to give you the skills needed to complete all your required tasks.  


If you weren't thinking about a new tech job in Sydney before, maybe you are now. Here are six of the top jobs from Australia's best tech companies that are being recruited for right now. 



Senior Software Engineer 

Finder is an app that helps its users save and invest money. If you're someone that is thinking ‘I never want to work in the world of finance’ don’t worry, Finder could not be further from the stereotypical finance company.

Their app is totally free and all about helping out their users. They care about helping people make smart money decisions. Not only do they have a stellar reputation for how they treat their users, but also for how they treat their employees. Finder made its way onto the 2020 list of the Top 50 Best Places to Work in Australia. 


Secure Code Warrior

People & Culture Partner, APAC

Secure Code Warriors are all about security. They help teach developers the skills they need to stop security breaches before they happen. They describe themselves as an ‘eclectic and enlightened bunch’ who are ‘life-long learners and endlessly curious.’

Working with this company gives you the chance to build and grow. They love strong thinkers and if you have great ideas this is a team that will welcome your voice rather than silence it.  



Account Executive 

Prospa helps businesses get the funding they need to grow. They are an innovative FinTech startup and all about building a great workplace that their employees can thrive in. They were one of the Top 50 Best Places to Work in Australia in 2019, and have won several other awards for being a great workplace. 

In addition, they offer employee perks such as flexible working and paid parental leave to help their employees fit work more easily around other aspects of their lives. 


Site Minder

Project Manager

Site Minder is a leading SaaS platform for the hospitality industry. They welcome employees who think a little differently and like to challenge the status quo. One of their employees said “ My work with SiteMinder has forced me to break out of my comfort zone, both technically and professionally every day since day one.” 

If you want a challenge, to grow, and to learn, then this is the company for you. They say it themselves, at their offices ‘The Sky's the Limit.’ Ambition and bright ideas are rewarded here. 



Junior Marketing Manager

Data in tech has been getting a bad rep. After a number of breaches and scandals, it's not surprising that many skilled tech workers want to step away from working with data companies for personal or moral reasons. But Phocas is different, their data analytics solution helps businesses feel good about how they use their data.

Fun. Fulfilling. Forever. – This is the motto of Phocas. They strive to create an enjoyable work environment that allows their employees to be challenged, reach their goals, and have meaning in their work. They are pretty confident that they are achieving that outcome and that you will love your job there so much, you’ll stay forever. 



Software Engineer

Assignar is a construction solution that smooths out communication between offices and the field in construction companies. 

They listen to what their employees want and are always making small changes to make life at work a little easier. From remote working opportunities to dog-friendly offices, they are all about creating an enjoyable work-life balance for their employees. 


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