Sydney Moving Guide

Relocating is exciting but obviously has a few challenges too. The good news is that in this age of technology, the multitude of user friendly online products has made this process easier than ever.

Sydney is a wonderfully multicultural city so you’ll never be far from a familiar accent and of course English is the primary spoken language. Many high street names will look familiar, the public transport is some of the world’s best and the food and social scenes are wide ranging and vibrant so it can seem like home from home in many ways.

All this said, being prepared and well informed is the best way to make sure things run smoothly so we’ve covered off some of the more common scenarios for you. Should you still have any unanswered questions please get in touch or check out



Relocating with children will present different challenges depending on their age. Here are some useful links to shed some light on what options you have.



To take in all that Sydney offers you will need access to a car, head north to the Hunter Valley wine region, west for the Blue Mountains. Sydney is surrounded by National parks so head out for a hike, bike ride or canoe!