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How do we create value?

Background checking is often the last thing on your long list of hiring to-dos. Luckily, this can all be automated, centralised, standardised, even customised… And the overall experience can be improved significantly – all while driving costs down and boosting productivity. 

Thanks to tech like ours, the pain associated with manual or outsourced background screening processes are totally avoidable. PASS has simplified the whole background checking process into one standardised, intuitive and seamless process. 

Background screening. Simplified. The PASS platform centralises all your business checks in one location and does all the hard work, allowing checks to be carried out digitally and by fewer people. The result is a quick, comprehensive checking process and a fabulous new employee experience.

What does the future look like?

We’re on a mission: To build safer communities.  It’s not just about compliance and ticking “pre-offer hiring boxes.” No…  It’s about you knowing that a person is who they say they are.

This means that we’re on a high-growth trajectory. Both in Australia and beyond. We’re continuously developing our product offering and building functionality that our users and their candidates love.

  • Employees30+
  • FundingPrivately held
  • LocationsSydney, London

Tech Stack

Life at PASS

We are committed to building a company culture that values honesty, transparency, autonomy flexibility, where we do what we say we will. 

It’s not just about working with a great team who’s got your back. Or a product that contributes to an overall safer working environment. Working at PASS is great from an employee benefits perspective too. 

At PASS, these include:

  • A wellness allowance 
  • Additional leave days
  • Remote and flexible working arrangements
  • Significant opportunity for career progression in a high-growth environment

We don’t work in silos at PASS, which means you’ll get to collaborate with different functions in the larger team (nationally and internationally).  We’re all about thinking divergently and encourage our team to push the boundaries and try new things.

Who we are

  • We put people first 
  • We strive for simplicity 
  • We are passionate experts 
  • We are authentic and down to earth
  • We are solution-focused
  • We keep to our word and deliver. Every time. 

Who we aren't

  • We aren’t fans of jargon and complicated process 
  • We aren’t generic – we are happy to stand out 
  • We aren’t fluffy
  • We aren’t in it for the short-term

Our Challenges

Powered by our purpose, we look for ways to break new ground and build things better, smarter, faster. We want to work on something that matters. This means we are agile and adaptive. Working across timezones might require the occasional late-night or early-morning call. 

And despite our UK office being a recognised leader in the pre-employment background screening market, our Australia office is new. We’re not a household brand just yet, but we’re working on it. And while we have strong foundations thanks to our established UK office and IP we are often also working on designing, developing and delivering projects and processes startup-style. 

Why join us?

PASS is for you if you’re keen to contribute to something substantial. You enjoy working in a dynamic situation with a team that’s committed to collaboration, diversity of thought and honest feedback. 

Personal and professional development energises you. You’re always seeking out opportunities for growth and want to be a part of an encouraging and supportive environment. 

Work-life flexibility, team bonding and remote working contribute to a productive and happy PASS team. We prioritise wellness and encourage rest and breaks to help you play your A-game. 

The only “real” question is: when can you start?

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