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How do we create value?

Organisations around the globe share a common imperative; securing the right talent for the right role. 

We’ve revolutionised this process, changing the way recruitment, HR and talent acquisition teams hire. We’re a fully automated, online reference checking software that enables fast, secure and meaningful candidate feedback. We’ve empowered some of Australia’s largest organisations, the likes of Qantas and Westpac, to make confident, data-driven hiring decisions.

What does the future look like?

We’re a company that was born from forward thinking. We introduced an industry to our technology before they even knew they needed it. Now, we’ve gained their trust to deliver the best, most secure reference checking process and, since our acquisition of ID verification company RapidID, they know can rely on us to offer even more.

With over 1,200 clients to date, we’re scaling fast to aid broader expansion, particularly across North America and the UK. Our potential to support and innovate the recruitment process is immense and the future is an exciting one. 

  • Employees65
  • Funding StageASX listed
  • LocationsSydney, Auckland, London, Toronto, Oslo

Tech Stack

Life at Xref

We’re like a modern family when it comes to the way we work. We’re geographically diverse, spread across five international offices and multiple remote working outposts, but we’re one of the most tight-knit teams you’re likely to come across. We value communication and we constantly share news, milestone updates and celebrate successes across our offices to keep us connected. 

We’re passionate about our product and the difference it can make. Across all of our teams you’ll find driven, industry-leading professionals with an astounding depth of knowledge when it comes to our product and offering. While we’re a SaaS company with super smart technology, we have a genuinely human approach to how we work with our clients, offering round-the-clock and localised support. We’re proud that our clients tell us they’re proud to work with us, and that’s something we don’t take lightly.

Who we are

  • Forward thinkers and leaders of innovation
  • Passionate, driven professionals with deep product knowledge
  • Proponents of simplicity; we’re powered by tech and run by humans

Who we aren't

  • A ‘corporate’ company. We’re flexible and nimble, yet enterprise ready
  • Middle of the pack. We offer premium technology and premium service, outperform emerging competition
  • Ego driven. We don’t take ourselves too seriously

Our challenges

Keeping up with our own passion and drive is our biggest challenge. The opportunity for us to continue to evolve the tech landscape and the advancement of the recruitment process is immense and we’re ensuring we make the most of it. 

We’re scaling rapidly with the right people in the right places enabling us to continue to break convention and exceed the needs of our clients with new releases and features. We value original thinking and people with big ideas who also have the drive to bring them to life.

Why join us?

If you’re ready to carve your own path supported by a dynamic team you’ve come to the right place. We foster the freedom for our team members to challenge themselves whether it be putting their hand up to cross skill in another area of the business or transferring internationally to another office. ‘Fortune favours the brave,’ is a quote often heard in our halls and we strive to support the open sharing of ideas and initiative in a comfortable environment. 

You’ll be backed by a team with infectious passion actively working together to impact not only their own careers but the work lives of employees and business owners around the globe. We’re at an amazing point of our journey and the future is bright.

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