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How do we create value?

The construction sector is one of the world’s largest industries yet falls behind when it comes to technological progression and software adoption. We’re helping to revolutionise the digital transformation of the industry through our workforce and asset management platform. 

Founded from within the industry itself we have a unique insight into the challenges that businesses in the construction sector face. We’re not kidding when we say we have an obsession with creating solutions for our customers through technology, which enables construction businesses and subcontractors around the globe to focus on what they’re best at, building amazing things.

What does future look like?

Our vision is broad and we’re only just scratching the surface when it comes to the customers we’re supporting and what we’re able to help them achieve. We’ve got our sights set on being the number one platform for subcontractors and construction businesses not only across Australia, but the USA and eventually Europe.  

We’re blazing a trail that few can follow leveraging the best technology to solve real-world problems and ultimately creating a safer, more streamlined and efficient construction industry which has the potential to have a profound impact on local economies across the globe.

  • Employees60+
  • FundingInvestors - Tola Capital, Our Innovation Fund (OIF)
  • LocationsSydney, Denver, Prague, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth

Tech Stack

Life at Assignar

Integration is not only key to the success of our customers but forms part of our DNA. We see ourselves as one big cross-functional team that values communication and collaboration above all else. Across our global team you’ll find people from all walks of life; from previous marine biologists, athletes and food scientists, to petroleum and chemical engineers. We draw on the diversity, insights and experiences of our people to solve problems and drive innovation. 

We’re co-workers, friends and in many ways, family. Results-oriented rather than traditionalists, we support our team professionally and personally with options such as remote working and flexible working hours available. Above all we’re passionate about nurturing our culture; one which is fun and dynamic, where self-expression is supported and our team, simply put, is happy.

Who we are

  • Customer obsessed – they are at the centre of every solution we build
  • Real-world problem solvers
  • A team of trailblazers that are empowered to innovate
  • At the forefront of digital innovation in our industry
  • Communicators and collaborators – to us silence is deadly

Who we aren't

  • Hierarchical – we empower anyone to make an impact
  • Over-processed – we’re flexible, nimble and make decisions quickly 
  • Siloed – we work as a  team to tackle challenges head-on
  • A company with three international offices – we are one global team

Our challenges

Amidst our rapid growth, we are fiercely conscious of keeping our customers at the heart of what we do. We’re intuitively connected to the operational pain points of the construction industry and to ensure we’re continually innovating we’re seeking people that thrive solving common and complex problems leveraging the best tech. 

As a rapidly growing global team dispersed across different time zones, we are constantly learning, innovating and working to employ best practices to retain our family-atmosphere and cohesiveness as one international team. We’ve created a global workplace of the future and it’s an exciting one to be a part of.

Why join us?

If making a real-world impact is high on your career priorities list, you’ve come to the right place.

On a daily basis our team members witness the results of their work; how it impacts our software, the challenges it solves and ultimately how our customers use it to build amazing things. 

With our flat hierarchical structure and the free exchange of ideas and information, the opportunity exists for you to chart your path for growth within our company knowing you’ll be supported by leading tech and surrounded by some of the smartest minds in the industry. 

At the forefront of the digital transformation of the construction sector, we thrive in the knowledge that our individual contributions have a collective impact on positive outcomes. We’re making some seriously game-changing moves and we’re just getting started.

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