The best TEDxSydney tech talks to binge watch this weekend

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TEDxSydney recently celebrated its 10th anniversary of unique talks and ideas sharing in Australia with more than 5,000 people attending this year’s event at the ICC. Here are the best tech TED talks filmed in Sydney perfect for bingeing this weekend…

Magic, Hacking, and Tricking People | Alex Hogue

Think you could see through a magician’s illusion? Alex Hogue certainly puts any faith in your own astuteness to the test and in doing so draws comparison between the principles of trickery and computer hackers on a mission to breach your defences online.

Watch now on TEDxSydney or click below to view on YouTube:

A Young Inventor Uses the Past to Change the Future | Macinley Butson

No, it’s not a sentiment to describe 1985’s ‘Back to the Future’. In this talk 16-year-old inventor, Macinley Butson, explains how ancient Egyptian water clocks and Roman scale armour inspired her to come up with solutions to problems in two of the biggest areas forecasted to impact future generations – clean energy and health.

Watch now on TEDxSydney or click below to view on YouTube:

How to Design a House on Mars | Jonathan Irawan

Imagining life on Mars becomes even more vivid with computational designer Jonathan Irawan’s contemplation of design for extreme habitats in response to NASA’s Centennial Challenge to design a 3D Printed Habitat on Mars. In this scenario, Jonathan explains how creative problem solving would be imperative rather than a luxury.

Watch now on TEDxSydney or click below to view on YouTube:

Can a Computer Write Poetry? | Oscar Schwartz

This fascinating talk by writer and poet Oscar Schwartz pokes the edges of an increasingly relevant discussion; what makes us human and therefore differentiated from AI? Surely a distinguishing human feature would be the ability to think and write with feeling? Oscar explores whether a computer could write poetry and what impact technology may have on culture in the future.

Watch now on TEDxSydney or click below to view on YouTube:

Why We Need Engineers Now More Than Ever | Elanor Huntington

Ever considered a career in engineering? Maybe now’s the time to follow that calling as society may need you more than you realise. Elanor Huntington, Australia’s first female Dean of Engineering at the Australian National University, gives an inspiring talk about the role of engineers as creative problem finders and solvers and why they are so imperative to help prepare us to tackle the challenges of the future.

Watch now on TEDxSydney or click below to view on YouTube:

 The Fastest Startup Ever Created (probably) | James Alexander

James Alexander asks his audience to imagine a future world where every single one of us has the tools they need go out and create a business or their own career, unbound by the traditional notion of a job. With entrepreneurship more accessible than ever, James argues that this vision could be closer than we think. Further to this train of thought, do you believe a startup could be launched in 10 minutes? Watch this talk to find out!

Watch now on TEDxSydney or click below to view on YouTube:

And there you have it! Move over Netflix, TEDxSydney has you covered.